February 14, 2019

Is Teachers’ Pay Increase in Revised 2019 Budget?

Parliament on Friday last week approved proposals by Finance and economic planning minister Dr. Uzziel Ndagijimana to increase spending on the 2019 budget.

Dr Ndagijimana proposed a rise from Rwf 2.45 trillion approved by parliament in June 2018 to Rwf 2,59 trillion – adding Rwf 141.6 billion to the country’s spending.

He said the new revenue was partly from taxes as a result of good economic performance.

The revised budget came a few days after cabinet had also increased salary for primary and secondary teachers by 10% beginning March.

While reading the budget to lawmakers, the minister said new cash will cater for teachers’ salary hike, recruitments of new teachers as well as salaries for the recently established institutions such as Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority and the implementation of the reviewed institutions.

The Chronicles has come up with estimates of how much of the Rwf 141b will go to teacher pay.

With nearly 50,000 teachers at primary and secondary level on government payroll, our estimates suggest that the increment will add at least Rwf730m to the Education Ministry monthly expenditure.

Since the financial year ends in June, it means teachers’ pay in the current year will be covered for 4 months – totaling about Rwf 3billion.

Education sector consumes the second biggest chunk of Rwanda’s budget, after infrustruture.

In 2017/18 budget, education covered Rwf 240.8 billion – 11.5% of the total budget. Spending on education rose to Rwf 273 billion in current FY – and also covering 11.2% of the total budget.

Janet Uwamariya the director studies at ES Kabarondo secondary school in Kayonza district – eastern Rwanda, welcomed the Rwf 14,000 addition to her pay.

“Am adjusting my budget for the next months because of the increase,” she said

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