March 4, 2019

Uganda Pleads for Clearance of Trucks Already at Gatuna Border

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The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has written to Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) asking that the trailers which had been cleared before the February 28 border closure be allowed to cross into Rwanda.

RRA wrote to URA on the morning of February 28 indicating that heavy trucks coming in from Uganda via Gatuna border should be redirected to Kagitumba/Mirama hills border – more than 100 kilometers away.

No sooner had the letter reached URA, the Gatuna border was closed. Trucks remain on the Ugandan side of border since.

In a letter dated March 2, which has been shared with Ugandan media, the URA says it had already cleared 122 trucks including 10 registered in Rwanda; 37 in Kenya; 9 in Burundi and Uganda 49.

URA also claims that among these trucks, there are 17 Kenyan trucks
carrying petroleum products “all parked in the middle” of the border road.

“Therefore considering the potential risk of these highly inflammable products as well as the potential deterioration of value in the case of perishables it is prudent that we take steps to unclog the border by facilitating the consignments that are already at the border having arrived before the notice,” says URA’s Kateshumba, the Commissioner of Customs.

Meanwhile, a much-awaited press conference scheduled for Monday at 11am by Rwanda’s foreign affairs minister and government spokesperson Dr Richard Sezibera has been postponed to Tuesday.

It is expected that the minister will use the stage to repeat Rwanda’s concerns against Uganda.

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