March 7, 2019

Rwandan Students Missing in Sudan May Have Joined Terror Groups

The Muslim community celebrate Eid-al-Fitr in a Kigali stadium

Four students sent to Sudan for Islamic studies disappeared without a trace, according to the Rwanda Muslim Council (RMC).

The Mufti Sheikh Hitimana Salim told a gathering of RMC leaders in Kigali the students left their colleges and have never been seen again.

Mufti Sheikh Hitimana Salim

Back in 2009, two among the group sent to Egypt were apprehended by security forces in terror cells. They were brought back to Rwanda, Sheikh Hitimana said, quoted by local media.

Currently, there are 150 Rwandan students studying in different Arab and Muslim countries including Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and UAE.

Sheikh Hitimana said RMC leaders needed to step up efforts to mobilize the Muslim community in Rwanda to prevent their children from being radicalized, and ending up in terror activities.

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