March 7, 2019

UK Junior Minister Gives Instructions to DR Congo President via Twitter

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In April 2018 at the DR Congo election commission – many months before the polls. Harriett Baldwin has been to DR Congo several times in last two years.

In an unprecedented move, a junior Minister of the United Kingdom has reminded the new DR Congo President of who calls the shots.

Harriett Baldwin on Wednesday sent a letter to President Felix Tshisekedi to tell him that she did not believe he was validly elected. She did not stop there. She went to Twitter to let the whole world know it.

Baldwin is the junior minister combining both the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, as well as the Department for International Development (DFID). Above her are two Secretaries, who are her bosses.

“As you will know, the UK Government remains concerned at the reported discrepancies around the official presidential, parliamentary and provincial results,” she wrote. “I am also concerned that these results were not released according to DRC’s electoral laws.”

The two page letter goes on to outline what the junior minister thinks Congo has to prioritize.

In the typical style of the new Tshisekedi government, it has yet to make a public reaction, which could probably be because the President has no cabinet in place.

During the days of the former president Joseph Kabila, his Information Minister Lambert Mende would have been the news by now as he poured scorn on such a public attack on his leader.

Sure still, on the Minister Baldwin’s Twitter post, an interesting debate is flowing.

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