March 19, 2019

Justice Minister Says Property of 986 Rwandans Arrested In Uganda Will Be Recovered

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Justice Minister and Attorney General Johnston Busingye spoke yesterday at a press conference launching the Justice Sector Week, a period when all institutions associated with justice converge in one place open to public to visit to see what services they offer

The 986 Rwandans either languishing in Uganda military intelligence jails or have been deported back to Rwanda should not worry about their property because they will have it back, Justice Minister and Attorney General Johnston Busingye has said.

For over two years, Rwandan mothers and fathers have been picked up from their homes and work places. Some were born in Uganda, and had established their entire life there.

Today, even when several dozens have been deported back to Rwanda, they have no information about their property.

Busingye said Monday March 18 that the issue of property will be settled together with all the other issues that Kigali has raised with Kampala.

President Paul Kagame and his Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Richard Sezibera have detailed the “three outstanding issues” as: (1) Uganda providing room for dissidents with intent to harm Rwanda including RNC, P5 and FDLR; (2) abduction, illegal detention and torture of Rwandans without due process on the Ugandan territory; (3) sabotaging the free movements of Rwandan goods to Uganda and exports through Uganda.

Minister Busingye says a list has already been compiled of all the affected people detailing what they lost, exact location and worth of those properties.

“I would like to assure [the affected people] that the issue of their property will be addressed together with the other issues to ensure we have complete settlement,” Busingye said at a press conference.

“These people worked tirelessly for that property and have absolute right to have it back,” he added.

Uganda is yet to directly address the “three outstanding issues”, and has only given general denials. Instead, Uganda Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa has accused Rwanda of imposing “trade embargo” on Uganda.

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