April 1, 2019

Rwanda Foils Terror Attack From Uganda And Iran

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These are some of the students who completed attending ‘Itorero’ and President Kagame has been invited to address them at different times. Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni calls them a “militia” being trained to attack Uganda, according to Kagame

President Paul Kagame has again gone on the offensive with new details as to what the Government of President Yoweri Museveni in Uganda is doing to wage war against Rwanda.

Kagame says in latest comments that his government has “multiple” and “irrefutable” evidence that President Museveni has offered “his help” and “logistical facilities” to individuals and groups to start a rebellion against Rwanda.

Kagame spoke to French weekly magazine Jeune Afrique. The interview appears in its latest issue.

These individuals are coming from South Africa, Burundi, DR Congo, Canada and Europe, said Kagame.

He added that his information is from “multiple channels” including the two top commanders of Rwandan FDLR rebels arrested at DRC border as they returned from Uganda late last year.

Congo immediately extradited them to Rwanda. They are FDLR spokesman Ignace Nkaka alias LaForge Bazeye Fils and deputy intelligence chief Lt Col Nsekenabo Jean Pierre alias Abega Kamala.

Much of what Kagame says in the Jeune Afrique interview has already been advanced. However, he has revealed several other new elements unknown until now.

He said an “individual” had been intercepted with plans for a terrorist attack on Rwandan soil from Uganda.

“We also interrogated an individual who was coming from Iran and had planned to commit attacks after transiting through Uganda,” said Kagame.

The latest fallout between Kigali and Kampala began on February 28 when the crucial Gatuna border was temporarily closed to allow planned construction, according to Kigali. Heavy traffic was diverted to other borders.

Kampala says Rwanda has imposed “trade embargo” on it by blocking its goods.

Rwanda says it has “three outstanding issues” against Uganda. And that unless they are resolved, relations can’t be normalized.

President Kagame himself and his foreign minister Dr Richard Sezibera named the three issues to be: support to individuals and groups bent on fighting the Rwandan government; arresting, torturing and deporting Rwandans as well as economic sabotage.

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta is said to have tried mediation, but received no enthusiasm both in Kigali and Kampala.

Asked by the French magazine if mediation was possible, Kagame categorically said: “I do not believe so. There is no place for that. Just as I told Yoweri Museveni, everything is up to him. He cannot simply repeat that he has nothing against Rwanda and ignore what I have described to you.”

President Kagame also said Museveni was engulfed in unnecessary “paranoia”. Apparently, the Ugandan president is convinced the Itorero program for students is training a militia to attack Uganda.

Itorero is a national training program under which different sections of society spend several weeks engaged in patriotic studies. It also includes some basic military drills.

It is done for students who have finished high school preparing to go to university. The same is also done for Rwandan students studying outside.

Kagame says Museveni has described the students’ itorero as a “hostile program” which is training people to attack Uganda.

President Kagame hugs one of the ‘Itorero’ students. Uganda considers these young students a militia

EDITOR: Note that the fifth-last paragraph has been modified. The previous one read: —- Asked by the French magazine if talks were possible, Kagame categorically said: “I don’t think so. There is no place for that. Just as I told Yoweri Museveni, everything is up to him. He cannot simply repeat that he has nothing against Rwanda and ignore what I have described to you.”

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  1. You gave no evidence for those “terror attacks”? Are we supposed to simply by Kagame’s words? Very misleading journalism.

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