May 29, 2019

Here Are Agencies With ‘Zero’ Budget Execution For 2018/2019

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The agencies that did not spend the money they were allocated will not get as much in the next budget

The Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA), the agency behind the the recently announced $5billion green city in Kigali, has not spent any of the money allocated to it in the 2018/19 budget, it has emerged.

A budget execution review conducted by lawmakers on the economy and budget committee found FONERWA and others, some of which are also environment-related, did not spend their monies.

The committee has since late April been reviewing expenditures of the outgoing year, in preparation for the 2019/20 budget due to be out on June 13. Ministries and government departments appeared before the committee at different times over the past month.

The shocking revelation prompted some lawmakers in the House Plenary session to propose that no more money is allocated to these agencies since they seem not to be in need.

Apart from FONERWA, other agencies with 0% budget execution are: Rwanda Archive and Library Services Authority (RALSA), Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA), and Rwanda Information Society ( RISA).

The committee also found the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) has one of the least rates at 53 %, and the National Council for Sciences at 57%.

These agencies have varied reasons as to why the did not spend the taxpayer’s money allocated to them.

For REMA and FONERWA, the MPs were informed that their spending was covered by external sources reason why they did not use the local budget from state finances.

Others said they had no management teams in place to implement planned activities – leaving the monies laying in the bank.

The spending review of the 2018 budget also shows that local government entities had a rate of 71% while those at central level had average of 87%.

As a result of not being able to spend their budgets, those with 0% have been given much less cash than what they asked for the next budget 2019/2020.

“If they find extra activities to undertake, their budget will be increased during the mid-term revision of the 2019 budget,” said the committee chair Omar Munyaneza.

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