June 5, 2019

DR Congo Poll Shows 67% Approve President Tshisekedi Performance

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DR Congo’s President Felix Tshisekedi speaking at the CEO Africa Forum in Kigali, Rwanda, alongside host Presdient Paul Kagame (Right)

President Felix Tshisekedi is increasingly attracting the trust of the Congolese people nearly half a year in government, a new poll claims, contrary to another survey by the same institution.

The Congo Research Group (CRG) poll released today shows President Tshisekedi is viewed favourably by 67% Congolese – which is much higher compared to his predecessors during the same period.

A controversial poll by the New York-based Congo Research Group (CRG) released two days before election day in late December last year showed that opposition candidate Martin Fayulu was favourite. He was put at 44 percent support.

In complete contrast to perception on the ground, Fayulu was ahead of Felix Tshisekedi who had 23 percent, and the ruling party’s Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary on 18. Tshisekedi was a son of Congo’s longtime opposition politician.

Jason Stearns is the director of the Congo Research Group at New York University. Stearns was expelled from Congo by Kabila in April 2016 following years of his critical work as a researcher there.

The new poll, based on nationwide survey of 2,506 Congolese also says 58% do not want Tshisekedi’s alliance with former Joseph Kabila whom they accuse of presiding over a “dictatorial system”.

However, 62 % of those polled said they were comfortable with the level of democracy in DR Congo at the moment.

The polling also found that 70% trust foreign media compared to 53 percent who favour what they get from local media.

The poll was done in March and again last month (May 2019). The respondents were contacted by phone.

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