June 13, 2019

Unhappy Government Agency Disputes Parliamentary Figures On Budget Execution

Innocent Muhizi, RISA’s Chief Executive Officer

One of the agencies which Parliament said had not spent a single cent of its 2018-2019 budget, calls parliaments numbers a “misinterpretation”.

The Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA) wrote an official response to The Chronicles‘ story of May 29 saying its budget was executed at the rate of 78.37%.

During Parliament’s plenary on May 29, the committee on economy and budget presented a review of the execution of the 2018-2019 by all government departments.

The committee named the institutions with “zero” budget execution as; Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA), Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA), Rwanda Archive and Library Services Authority (RALSA), and Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA).

RISA now suggests parliament’s numbers are not true.

“We believe there was a misinterpretation of the numbers and organizations…..at the time of parliamentary sitting RISA had reached more than 70% of budget execution,” said Innocent Muhizi, RISA’s Chief Executive Officer, in email and letter to The Chronicles.

RISA says in official letter to The Chronicles dated June 5, that for the 2018/2019 fiscal year it was been allocated a total budget of Rwf 17.2bn.

Recurrent budget was RWF 3.6bn while ICT development budget was RWF 13.6 bn.

“May 10, when RISA was presenting 2019/2020 budget to parliamentarians, the budget performance for 2018/2019 stood at the overall rate of 73%.”

“Today June 5,2019 the overall budget execution is 78.37%, the ICT development budget and 68.07% for the recurrent budget,” reads the letter.

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