July 9, 2019

Rayon Sports Fails To Agree On Salary With Coach, Courting Burundian To Take Over

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The Brazilian Roberto Oliveira Robertinho led Rayon to great heights

Top league 2019 champions Rayon Sports Football may have decided to part-ways with head coach Roberto Oliveira Robertinho.

Sources inside the club told The Chronicles that the Brazilian who left for holiday back home is demanding for a US$5,500 (over Rwf 5 million) per month.

“In the negotiations, the coach was asked to reduce the salary demand but he is hesitant,” said the source who prefered not to be named.

“The club was supposed to send the coach a return ticket on Saturday, instead they decided not to.”

Both Wagner Do Nascimento who was assisted by the Ramadan Nkunzingoma during the Peace Cup 2019, have also quite over failure to agree on the financial offer. Both were earning US$1500 (over Rwf 1.3 million).

The club is now in talks with Cameroonian Olivier Ovambe who is managing the club in the ongoing CECAFA Kagame Cup 2019 in Rwanda.

The defending national league champions are said to be in discussion with former coach of Burundi’s national side Intambamurugamba coach Olivier Niyungeko.

The club is also said to have held talks with Sutche Wembo, though they have refused to confirm the news.

Rayon takes on Atlabara today at Stade de Kigali in the second game of CECAFA Club Pool A. They defeated DR Cong champions TP Mazemba 1-0, a second win will see them book a ticket to the quarterfinal round.

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