July 9, 2019

“Wealth Conference” Saga: 13 Rwandans Freed, 3 Kenyans Charged

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Thousands of people descended on the Kigali International Conference Center on June 25 for a so called “Wealth Conference”, at which they were allegedly conned

Three Kenyan nationals were on Tuesday charged before a court in Kigali in connection with a controversial event held two weeks ago where thousands of mainly young people were reportedly conned.

Those charged include Dr Kinuthia Charles, who, according to prosecution, is the lead individual behind the so called “Wealth Conference” which was scheduled to take place at the Kigali Convention Center on June 25. The others are females: Vivian KHISA MUKWHAN and Rachel Matipei.

Amid tight security in and outside the court, Prosecutors also presented one Rwandan national Muhamad Niyonkuru as having connived with the Kenyans.

The four, who appeared in good health and very smart, are charged under Article 174 and 225 of the penal code on fraud and holding illegal meeting.

However, the latest development is that the 13 Rwandans arrested by Rwanda Investigations Bureau (RIB) in connection with the saga seem to have been cleared and released. They were not charged.

The Kenyans and Rwandan through their lawyer Evode Kayitana are also seeking bail.

Prosecutors told the Kagarama Primary Court in Kicukiro that the suspects are a national security threat and cannot be left free.

For example, prosecution says the phone of one of the Kenyans shows that they were in constant contact with another person in Tanzania. It is this person that prosecutors are still investigating, and that releasing the suspects will jeopardise the probe.

Defense attorny Kayitana, who describes his clients are “good samaritans” who had come to help Rwandans, vehemently dismissed the charges. He says for the organisers of the ‘Wealth Cenference’ asking for entrance fee is not illegal.

He said: “Yesterday people paid to watch Rayon Sports playing against TP Mazembe, how much did it benefit the attendees? These people are not incurring any loss from paying to watch games. Isnt it equally normal to pay entrance to [Convention Center] to learn how they could escape poverty.”

Lawyer Kayitana compared entrance fee, paid by the more than 6,000 victimes on the fateful day, to revellers paying to attend concert of Jay Polly, a local singer.

Prosecution estimates that key suspect Dr Kinuthia Charles and his team collected up to Rwf27m paid by about 2500 people.

In the photo is Dr Kinuthia Charles, who is the key suspect, and appeared in court today

The Rwandan suspect Niyonkuru is the one who had the SIM card where people paid via phone cash transfers. Niyonkuru also recieved Rwf 1.1m from suspect Rachel Matipei to book the venue.

However, the defense says not more than Rwf2m was collected.

The other information The Chronicles has obtained shows that the organisers paid Rwf 4m for the venue.

Meanwhile, Dr Kinuthia is said to be PhD holder, but no details are available on his field of study. Journalists were not allowed to take pictures.

If convicted, they each risk up to 3years in jail and Rwf 7m fines.

Court will decide on the bail this Thursday July 11 at 3pm.

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  1. I am a citizen of the United States of America. I am also a long time friend of the defendant, Charles kinuthia. Charles was in your country as an invited guest to speak about business principles and how to apply, such principles for the purpose of achieving success. He is there in good faith, as he has been in many countries around the world. His program is the same as many other notable speakers in the world such as Tony Robins and J. T. Fox, to coach and mentor budding entrepreneurs in their quest for success in their chosen field. If this nonsense persist and he is found guilty of these valid crimes, it will send a message throughout the professional speaking community, that your country is unsafe an unwilling for change. Charles is a good man with a big heart for teaching. If your country is not interested and such mentorship and business development, your government should let this man go home where he is wanted and needed for his talents and ability to teach others how to achieve success in life.

    1. Charles is a true scam artist in the united states and in africa. His whole life is a lie. He’s currently on his thrid marriage and still cheating on his current wife. He did not start One Stop Tax by himself. He hurt a lot of people just to keep scamming and lying to the world. Shane stop lying for him, I know who you are!!

    2. Shane please, knowing someone for 3 years and only seeing them face to face a few times doesn’t really say much about your friendship. You only know the side of him that he wanted you to see. Please, step aside and stop defending a scammer. Let those who really know him speak. I worked for this guy for 5 years and he never paid for my commission as promised. He’ll use you then dump you like you’re nothing. He never keeps his word just like he never keeps his women. I wonder how wife no.3 is doing?

  2. Finally, things are starting to catch up with him😅👍. He’s a con artist and a serial cheater. Can someone contact me please, i have more info. and evidence about this guy that will shock you. He’s played a lot of people thinking he’ll never get caught.

  3. Vivian Khisa Mukwana, one of the Kenyan citizens incarcerated over this matter, is a friend and my kids sunday school teacher. She is an upright and honest citizen with no criminal record. They came to your country meaning well and with no malice. To see this turn of events is quite a shame and regrettable. I appeal for justice and a speedy release of these ambassadors of goodwill as a kind gesture of the cordial relationship our two great countries has enjoyed over the years.

  4. Is this Charles Kinuthia (Charlie) from Houston, TX !?
    Lowd! He’s nothing but a salesman who mastered the art of scamming and manipulating people. He never even finished college, apart from the honorary doctorate he received from his friend Dr. Clyde Rivers who is another person of interest somewhere. So many people have those doctorate degrees and it’s nothing special really. His great weaknesses is greedy and women. His love for money is to another level. He’ll kill, steal and destroy to get money. The works of the devil himself. He loves women and has cheated on all his wives, including his current 3rd wife. From close sources he’s been having an affair with another woman from Uganda whom he flew in to one of his events without the wife’s knowledge. This dude is mess.

  5. I hate to say this, but Charles is a serious con artist. I have done business with him and i regret to this day. He should stay in jail.

  6. For crying out loud Shane, some of us know why you’re defending Charles. You must have missed being worshipped by him like you’re his 2nd God. This has nothing to do with your friendship. You hardly know Charles. I was there when we welcomed you to One Stop Tax and saw how you’re being worshipped. I bet nobody else can stoop that low to you. You must be missing your little slave buddy.

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