July 31, 2019

President Museveni: Rwanda-Uganda Conflict Will Not Be Solved On Radios

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L-R: Presidents of DR Congo, Uganda, Angola and Rwanda meeting in Angola’s capital Luanda last month for the so called ‘Quadripartite Summit’

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has told people near Rwanda’s border that talks are ongoing to resolve the border issue.

Museveni was yesterday in Kabale district, which borders Rwanda’s Gicumbi district and location for Gatuna border where the current standoff started on February 28.

“Recently we met the Rwandan leader in Angola and we discussed about the border issue. Leave it to us. Talks shall continue until the matter is completely resolved. It does not make sense to keep talking on radios but what is important is to ensure that the border issue is resolved,” said Museveni, according to Ugandan media.

He reportedly added: “[The issue] took me to Angola to meet President [Paul] Kagame [Rwanda’s president] and other leaders and I will not reveal what we discussed.”

Museveni was meeting local opinion leaders from Kabale and South-Western region of Uganda. By Rwanda barring its people from going to Uganda, this border region has been hugely affected – as they have received clients from Rwanda for their markets.

However, President Museveni’s optimistic message is complete in contrast to that of his Trade and Industry Minister Amelia Kyambadde who told Ugandan business community last week that they should forget the Rwandan market.

Uganda’s businesspeople are loosing $600,000 everyday due to lost business, according to their association.

Rwanda publicly says its border is open, but Uganda says its trucks are not being allowed to enter Rwanda, only those from other countries like Kenya and Tanzania.

Meanwhile, despite the reports of ongoing talks between President Kagame and Museveni behind the scenes, Rwandans continue to be arrested in Uganda: like the 40 picked from a local church last week.

Angola and DR Congo leaders are mediating the conflict, which many observers doubt will succeed.

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