August 23, 2019

Pastors In Southern Rwanda Sign Contracts To End Marriage Fights In 6 Months

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Each of the pastors at the meeting signed a contract with the district mayor Ntazinda Erasme (seated center)

Churches operating from Nyanza district, Southern Province, have signed commitment to fight domestic violence within months.

At a final session held yesterday after three days of meetings, the pastors signed ‘Imihigo’ or performance contracts to deal with the vice of marriage disputes within 6 months.

The pastors, signed the imihigo with Nyanza district mayor Ntazinda Erasme, reports local media.

Domestic violence remains one of the biggest national issues, mainly directed at women. In rural areas, cases of men killing their wives or vice-versa, are very common.

At the national level, domestic fights are also leading to more divorce. In 2016, according to government data, 21 divorce cases were settled, 69 in 2017. But the number explored to 1,311 divorce cases.

Back to Nyanza district, how the pastors will end and ages-old issue of couple battles remains to be seen.

Pastor Twagirayezu Theogene from ADEPR Nyanza, part of the Pentecostal Church of Rwanda, which has churches around much of the country, says the pastors will go house to house to counsel couples so that they never fight.

In his church particularly, Pastor Twagirayezu said they are going to start a program that teaches unmarried young men and women how to choose a marriage partner: “Because when you choose the wrong partner, that automatically leads to marriage conflicts”.

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