August 30, 2019

DR Congo Offers $50,000 For Intelligence Information on Ugandan ADF Rebels

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General Fall Sikabwe who made the announcement today in Beni

Anyone who provides information on location that will lead to apprehension of members of Ugandan Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels will be rewarded, DR Congo army said Friday.

General Fall Sikabwe, commander of Congo’s army in Beni region of eastern Congo said sources of information will be paid between $1,000 to 50,000 USD.

“Our dear people, the army begs you to denounce all ADF rebels or collaborators,” he said at a meeting of a delegation of members of the North Kivu provincial assembly in Beni.

“If you denounce un ADF, everywhere they are hiding, the army will reward you 50,000 USD.”

The ADF is a rebel movement fighting against the Government of Uganda, a rebellion that has been ongoing for many years. Its leader Jamil Mukulu was captured in Tanzania in 2015 and handed to Uganda where he is currently being tried on many serious charges.

Of recent, they are said to have links to ISIS. This week, more than 100 people were abducted by suspected ADF.

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