September 2, 2019

88 Drivers Arrested Over Drunken Driving

Traffic police officer demonstrates how the relationship between drivers and pedestrians should be at a Zebra Crossing as part of the police’s “Gerayo Amahoro” campaign

Police is holding 88 drivers arrested in weekend operations targeting those driving after taking alcohol.

Traffic Police Chief CP Rafiki Mujiji says all those detained were found to have ‘Blood Alcohol Concentration’ (BAC) level above the legal 0.8 limit.

“When you know you intend to get drunk, always ensure you have somebody else who will drive you home,” he told local media late Sunday.

All the drunk drivers arrested will pay Rwf 150,000 or go to jail and the vehicles will be held by the police for sometime. In some cases, all the three actions can be undertaken by the police: fine, jail and car taken.

As a weekend that fell at the end of the month and therefore people had been paid, the traffic cops were well aware there would be many revellers out there.

Traffic police has for past weeks been promoting a safe drive campaign dubbed “gerayo amahoro” (safe journey).

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