September 15, 2019

Students Admitted for Government University Funding Up 17%

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When more than 7,000 graduated in 2017 from a stadium – making the biggest such event ever graduation

For 2019-2020, government scholarships have been granted to 9,968 who will attend different colleges of the University of Rwanda (UR).

A total of 12,560 students who completed their high school last year had applied for the government student loan.

Figures released last week show that the number of scholarship recipients has increased from 8,478 students admitted the previous year – indicating a 17.4% increase.

Since 2013, all 7 government universities were merged into a single University of Rwanda (UR), headed by a Vice Chancellor. Nearly all students attending its courses are government funded, except for a few in colleges based in Kigali.

While the academic year has already started this month, the freshers are also preparing to join before the end of September.

According to admission data, 64.4% of the students will be doing science courses or called STEM, while 35.6% will be attending arts courses.

This is clear indication that government is determined to reinforce its “STEM ONLY” policy introduced in 2016.

All the funded students are supposed to repay the loan after completing university.

Over 40,000 students sat the 2018 national exams for S6. Those who have not qualified for the government scholarships are expected to attend the more than 10 private universities and polytechnic colleges.

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