September 28, 2019

Baby Found In Nyamagabe District May Have Been ‘Stolen’

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The baby is being taken care of by a mother in Nyamagabe district

It is very likely a four-month baby girl found dumped in a village bush in Nyamagabe district has parents desperately looking for her.

The baby was found on Friday morning crying from a bush in Sumba village, Sumba cell, Gasaka sector of Nyamagabe district. There was also a note stuffed in the baby’s clothing which had a name and date of birth.

The note in Kinyarwanda reads: Ineza Peace Roxiella born 19/05/2019 Bye baby, I love you.

Marie Rose Igenukwayo, a mother of one who found the baby, took her to Gasaka sector office. Immediately, the baby was taken to the health center for medical check up – which found the baby in good health.

Igenukwayo, who is now taking care of the baby, says she asked the local authorities to allow her take the baby, and was given the toddler.

“Even if am in Ubudehe category one, the baby will eat anything I will be able to eat,” says the new mother.

Every Rwandan family is categorised in one of four social economic levels called Ubudehe. The poorest and most vulnerable, considered unable to even get food on their own, are in Category one.

After accepting to take in the baby, the health center gave the new mother milk and asked her to return regularly for more food items.

However, Igenukwayo says she doubts this baby was abandoned by a desperately poor mother. According to her, the baby has a very beautiful skin and had nice clothing, which is clear indication the baby came from a well-to-do home.

“Looking at the baby, I’m very convinced this baby may have been stollen by a house-help from another region and dumped here to punish the parents. It is hard to believe this baby is from a poor family,” said Igenukwayo.

Marie Rose Igenukwayo, a mother of one, has taken the baby and committed to look after her

She also revealed that a case has been filed with the Rwanda Investigations Bureau (RIB) in the area so that the baby’s situation is looked into.

Though there have been cases of house-helps stealing babies, this particular one will be shocking if other people turn up to claim the baby in Nyamagabe district.

Meanwhile, Gasasa sector has also launched an appeal for a new family to take up the baby as Igenukwayo is unable due to her economic condition. The sector is looking for a new foster family to take the baby.

The note in Kinyarwanda found stuffed in the baby’s clothing reads: Ineza Peace Roxiella born 19/05/2019 Bye baby, I love you.

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