October 10, 2019

Ingabire Victoire Interrogated Tuesday, Wednesday, And Continues Friday

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Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza

Leader of FDU Inkingi political grouping Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza returns on Friday tomorrow for more interrogations in connection with the Musanze district attack last Friday night.

Ingabire was questioned on Tuesday amid allegations, some of which have come out publicly, that her party was privy to an imminent attack that had been planned.

There is still conflicting details about the identity of the attackers, who killed 14 local villgers, and injured 20.

The 5 captured attackers told journalists on Saturday evening that they were “FDLR-RUD Urumana”. They identified their commander, how many were on the attack mission and how many were still in DR Congo.

RUD Urunama and FDLR are two separate Rwandan militia groups in Congo. However, FDLR was born in May 2000 as a breakaway from ALIIR. And then later, another faction emerged called RUD Urunana.

Currently, RUD Urunana is led by Maj Faustin Ntilikina, whose son Frank Ntilikina plays in the New York Knicks – a top side in NBA. Faustin lives in France. Another RUD Urunana leader Dr Felicien Kanyamibwa lives in New Jersey, U.S.

News articles published from that Saturday press encounter with the intercepted rebels, were later edited. For example, in a story on local Umuseke news site, reference to “FDLR” was removed – indication they were asked to. Other local media also dropped the FDLR reference.

But on Wednesday at press conference in Kinigi, Musanze, Brig Gen Vicent Gatama from the RDF 2nd Division said the attackers were FDLR.

Meanwwhile, Rwandan exiles, using Facebook accounts of known individuals in the Rwanda National Congress (RNC), they seemed to take responsibility for the attack. One account actually named the leader of the attack as ‘Commander Perez’.

On obscure websites which have been publishing details of Uganda’s fallout with Rwanda, stories have given graphic details of the Musanze attack. In Rwanda, government-leaning media have openly identified those sites as being managed by Uganda’s intelligence agencies.

Police Spokesman CP John Bosco Kabera said on Saturday evening that the captured attackers will give more facts about the command structures of the group. Among the attackers, was Theoneste Habumukiza, a who until 4 months ago was a Rwandan Master’s student at Makerere University in Uganda.

For Ingabire, her interrogation from Tuesday, continued on Wednesday yesterday, and she has also been ordered to return on Friday.

The Rwanda Investigations Bureau (RIB) has only confirmed the sessions. Ingabire for her part says her response to interrogators has been that she has no knowledge of the attackers.

As investigations intensify, it is also emerging that more people are being arrested. Maj Gen Alexis Kagame, 2nd Division Commander, said Tuesday in meeting with locals that a man from the attacked villages was in phone contact with the attackers from DRC throughout the attack. He is in custody.

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