October 17, 2019

Kigali City Plans Phone App For Bus Service

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At Bus Stops, such long lines are a familiar sight

A phone Application is in the works to bring order to Kigali’s bus service – which the authorities have praised for years, yet those using it daily remain skeptical.

There are hundreds of buses serving the different suburbs – all privately owned. However, if you did a simple test in the mornings or evenings, you will find long lines of travellers waiting to go to work or back home.

On these buses, it is written on them “Express”. However, some buses cannot leave the bus park unless they are fully packed. What has improved over the past two years is that buses no longer wait for passengers at Stops, they only stop to drop off or pick clients.

Now, industry regulator Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA) announced Thursday that it has finally found a solution to ease the burden travellers face.

A phone App is being designed which will show what time the bus arrives at your Bus Stop. More buses are due to arrive in the city such that there will be no need for people to arrive at particular Stop targeting the same bus; you can always wait a few more minutes for the next bus.

The service will be launched early next year.

In key cities in South Africa, similar services are operational. City residents in Europe, north America or Australia, have lived in such comfort for decades – making the need for a person car, to get around, irrelevant. In these cities, public transport is the easiest to get to destination in time.

At a press encounter today, RURA officials said they are in talks to set up a system that ensures private companies offer good benefits for drivers so that the anticipated strick bus schedules will be respected.

With timely public buses, it is expected people will slowly begin to leave their cars, which will reduce traffic congestion in an already small city.

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