December 19, 2019

Free Wi-Fi, Access To Social Media Now At University of Rwanda

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A graduation of the University of Rwanda in which up to 7,000 emerge in a single release. These may have had trouble with internet and accessing social media on campus, the issue is no more

Students at University of Rwanda’s Huye Campus, home to nearly 40% of total population, are accessing all social media including YouTube that had been blocked on the university Wi-Fi.

Effective Wednesday, students can sit at designated spots on campus in Huye district, where they access the free internet as well as social media.

Two weeks ago, The Chronicles reported of students’ inability to access YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These platforms, it was confirmed by university authorities, that they are blocked on the free university’s internet for past 3 years.

In addition, students also said the supposed free Wi-Fi on campus was not there.

Dr Charles Murigande, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Institutional Advancement confirmed to The Chronicles that indeed YouTube and other platforms were blocked during day to prevent students using them as they consume huge amount of data which is expensive.

“It is hasn’t been possible for the University of Rwanda to buy unlimited internet bandwidth so as to satisfy the students’ ever increasing internet consumption,” said Murigande.

Now, it seems the University has suddenly worked out its finances and is able to avail unlimited bandwidth allowing access to YouTube and others.

The Chronicles asked two different students at Huye campus to verify if indeed they have free Wi-Fi and YouTube is not blocked. At first, they couldn’t.

Using a support phone number 0788510957 that has been provided by UR in the promotional message, the students were told to log on to “UR Huye Campus” with key “urhuye@2019”.

University officials say not many students know about the new Wi-Fi as it’s still new.

UR has made posts on Twitter and Facebook announcing the developments.

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