December 30, 2019

RDF Is Recruiting More Science Specialists

The RDF has maintained it reputation as one of the most admired institutions in the country

The Rwanda Defense Forces (RDF) has put out a call for cadet training – in which it gives more attractive incentive to scientists.

In a statement issued on December 6, but published today, it seeks prospective cadets with university degrees aged not more than 24 years.

However, RDF is looking to entice “specialists” in the fields of medicine and engineering. The age for such candidates has been put at 27 years.

Whenever President Paul Kagame hosts youth forums, he is asked for opportunities to join the military by mainly university graduates who would have often bypassed the maximum age.

The RDF is a highly admired institution in the country largely due the discipline the rank-and-file exert. It has maintained itself as the only institution with rare cases of scandals.

Despite earning meager salaries compared to other government entities, soldiers’ welfare is considerably good. Soldiers buy supplies from a heavily subsidised Army Shop.

The soldiers also benefit from one of the most profitable financial institutions in Rwanda, the ZIGAMA CSS bank for security forces. When soldier applies for a loan, they leave the counter with the money – a situation far different from the industry.

The registration for latest cadet officers opened on December 27, to go on till January 5 2020.

As usual, for all categories, the cadets must be single.

Registration centers have been designated in all the 4 provinces and Kigali.


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