February 1, 2020

Coronavirus: Wuhan Student Social Media Tirade Prompts Rwanda Government ‘Hotline’ in China

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Health Minister Dr Diane Gashumba goes through screening at the Kigali International Airport, a process established as part of Rwanda’s response to the Coronavirus global emergency

Rwanda’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has opened a hotline in China after a student in the Coronavirus epicenter posted an angry tirade accusing the embassy in Beijing of not being helpful.

Since Saturday early morning, Twitter was treated to a rare Threat of posts by user claiming to be a student in Wuhan, China, where the virus that has caused global crisis, emerged.

The student was angrily reacting to a statement issued by Government of Rwanda on Friday in which it expressed “solidarity” with China. The statement came as some Western nations banned their people traveling to China, and the WHO has also declared the crisis a global health emergency.

“We remain confident in China’s ability to manage this outbreak and contribution to a coordinated global mechanism,” said the government in its statement.

The Health Minister Dr Diane Gashumba also told a press conference on Friday that Rwandans will no be evacuated from China.

“Its really hard to see such kind of statement…so am going to say the real truth of what’s happening!!! No filter,” said the student with Twitter identity “Steve Andy”.

The supposed student added that “our Embassy here is doing nothing, except asking us how we are doing and collecting information which is of no use because now, we are making our 12 day since we are in contact with the embassy but nothing is being done (no plan of evacuation and no support).”

The foreign ministry in Rwanda did not make any particular reference to the outburst by this supposed student in announcing the new hotline in China.

The ministry posted on Twitter: “Coronavirus helpline: If you’re a Rwandan national in China and particularly in Hubei Province (China) and need assistance, please contact our Embassy in Beijing on +86 136 6137 5273 or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kigali on (+250) 0788125043. #coronavirus”.

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