February 6, 2020

Health Minister Suspends Gicumbi District Official Linked to Loss of Millions by Community Workers

Finally, Hussein Niyoyita Zoubair may be held to account

The director of a health center in Gicumbi district whose scam caused loss of millions by a community health workers’ cooperative, has been forced out of his office by Health Minister Dr Diane Gashumba.

The Health Minister has suspended Hussein Niyoyita Zoubair, who was director of Mukarange health center in Mukarange sector, Gicumbi district.

The suspension follows our exposé in which a Cooperative ‘Nkomeye ku Buzima’, who are all community health workers ‘Abajyanama b’ubuzima’, were conned into spending over Rwf 15m on constructing rentals that never materialized.

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The suspension letter for Niyoyita from the health minister personally was signed on January 20, but only arrived in Gicumbi this week, according to officials who spoke to us on condition of anonymity.

However, officials at Gicumbi district headquarters and the main referral hospital, who are superiors of the accused Niyoyita, say he has not been reporting to work in the past two weeks. It suggests that immediately after Dr Gashumba signed the letter, the Mayor of Gicumbi was notified who immediately also directed Niyoyita not to return to work.

The Health Minister’s letter says Niyoyita is suspended from work to allow for thorough investigation into the allegations that he cause huge financial loss for Cooperative ‘Nkomeye ku Buzima’, a case that has been pending since 2013. Some of the money was taxpayers money give to the cooperative as government support through the health ministry.

Following our revelations, RIB has taken up the case, and parliamentarians also visited the region.

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