February 11, 2020

Government Stops Tithe Required From Students in Religious-Affilliated Schools

The meeting of education and senior local officials in eastern province at which Education Minister Dr Eugene Mutimura announced the government decision

Government, through the Minister of Education Dr Eugene Mutimura has directed schools affiliated with religious groups to stop asking for money from parents.

This money is added on the requirements students are required to submit when reporting for school. A review conducted by Rwanda Education Board (REB) found that such schools were adding some kind of tithe which is transferred from the school to the religious group.

For example, the Catholic Diocese of Kibungo, which covers eastern Rwanda, students attend who schools affiliated with the Catholic Church were asked to report for academic year 2020, which began early January, with additional Rwf 1,000 ($1.2). This money includes Rwf 300 for Catholic education and another Rwf 300 for philanthropic activities.

Similar fees are also said to be paid by parents in different forms in schools affiliated with other religious groups. As a result, some parents are seeing cost of education becoming unbearable.

In a meeting on Monday February 10 of all education and senior local officials in Eastern Province, Minister Dr Mutimura announced that all those additional fees for religious groups be stopped.

The religious groups have to find other ways of fulfilling their activities without transferring the burden onto parents, he said.

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