March 7, 2020

Heavy Rain: 53 Killed, Nearly 1,000 Homes Destroyed Since January

Even small rivers like this one saw a spike in their volume, cutting off a road

Since January, the rain that has been pounding large parts of Rwanda has left a trail of destruction in such a short time not seen recently.

The emergency management ministry (MINEMA) says 53 people have been killed, 84 left with injuries – some serious, and 858 homes no more.

The flooding from rivers, and swampy areas filling up, has destroyed large sways of farmland like in eastern Rwanda where rice fields were flooded. At least 23 roads were heavily damaged.

A health center and Catholic cathedral were also destroyed, says the ministry in statement issued Saturday. It has also resulted in government continuing to relocate people from what are called ‘high risk zones’ such as hillsides and wetlands.

The damage to human life, property and state infrastructure was due to a combination of long hours of rain, lightening, flooding and landslides.

The meteorological department said last week that the ongoing constant rainfall will continue up to June. As indication of what is to come, since last Sunday, it has been raining every day, mostly after 5pm – often going up to late night.

The police has even set up a helplines to call immediately for help when it rains so much and you are caught off-guard : 111, 112, 113, 0788311120 and 0788311110.

In Kigali, this car owner was no so lucky after heavt rain coupled with strong wind uprooted this tree. Luckily, no one was in the car
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