March 9, 2020

Residents in 9 Kigali Locations Must Relocate Before End March

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Residents along this small river are among those that must relocate under the latest warnings

Up to 1,000 families living in specific locations around Kigali which government considers “high risk zones” must leave.

At a press conference this Monday, Local Government Minister Prof Anastase Shyaka and Kigali Mayor Pudence Rubingisa said the pinpointed locations will be provided with rent so that they relocate before end of March.

As all of you are aware from update provided by the meteorological department, said Shyaka, the country and whole region will experience heavy rain up to mid this year. “We cannot put peoples lives at risk,” he said.

The nine locations with people who must move immediately include Gatsata, Gikondo, banks of Mpazi river in Kimisagara, Myembe in Kimihirura, Bannyahe in Nyarutarama, Mulindi 12, Rwampara and several other locations in Nyarutarama. All these are either in wetlands, along rivers, or on steep hillsides.

In December, more 5,400 families were moved, despite process coming under intense criticism for the manner in which it was handled. Many families were left in the cold. President Paul Kagame distanced himself from the controversial relocations, instead lambasting his officials for bad implementation.

Now, the central government and Kigali said today that they have set aside Rwf 80m which will be used to give some money for rent and basics like food as they search for new homes.

In the past week, it rained nearly every day, reinforcing the meteorological department’s forecasts, which had the previous week said the rains will continue to June. The same scenario is happening in the region.

At least 53 people have been killed since January as result of the heavy rain and nearly 1,000 homes destroyed.

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