April 24, 2020

24 Children Defiled During COVID-19 lockdown

There is constant bombardment of messages like these on social media and other conventional platforms urging for protection of children

Since government ordered total lockdown of the country on Match 14, to control spread of COVID-19 virus, the authorities have received dozens of reports of alleged abuse of children.

Gender and family promotion ministry says so far they have 24 cases of children defiled, and another 5 cases of battery and causing bodily harm.

However, the ministry says these figures are lower compared to other previous months.

Last year, nearly 20,000 underage girls were impregnated, a trend that has been increasing from previous years.

Since September last year, the gender ministry is leading a multi-agency campaign to halt all forms of abuse targeting children.

Considering that parents prefer to keep quiet when their children are abused, or some go into negotiations with abusers, the numbers that government has of defilements are usually small.

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