May 21, 2020

Words “Husband” and “Wife” are Politically Incorrect – says United Nations

As far the UN is concerned, this couple should not be referred to as husband and wife (Photo by Send a Cow Rwanda)

The United Nations has issued a list of terms it deems unacceptable, including ‘husband/wife’ and ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’, to be replaced with ‘spouse’ and ‘partner’ respectively, according to a meme generated by UN Women.

The list is an attempt to promote gender-neutral language. helping to “create a more equal world”, according to the UN.

Words such as boyfriend and girlfriend are being shunned by the UN, which is telling people to replace them with “neutral” words. Such suggestions include using “spouse” instead of “husband” or “wife” – “owner” instead of “landlord” – “family name” instead of “maiden name”; and more.

Twitter users particularly did not appreciate the UN’s newest free advice, as you can imagine, resulting in tens of thousands of replies, some quirky, some serious – but almost all opposing the UN’s stance.

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