June 19, 2021

We Recommit To Investigative And Interpretive Journalism, Support Us

Trustworthy and indepth news stories are more important now than ever.
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With the new editorial team headed by Mr. John Williams Ntwali, The Chronicles is recommitting to its original policy of investing in investigative and interpretive journalism. We also recommit to reporting policy relevant issues and serving the citizens right to know the truth about what is done or not done in their name.

For this reason, we call on you, our readers and well-wishers to support these noble goals; for, than ever before, investigative and interpretive journalism and reporting news truthfully is needed in a rapidly changing media ecosystem where partisan and divisive stories are given prominence powered by new technological tools. 

As we have noted before, due to the rise of social media and changes in how citizens access news, the role of mainstream media is no longer “breaking news” but, helping citizens make sense out of a web of news stories accessed and shared on different platforms. This requires not only determining what’s important to the lives of citizens, the nation and the world at large from millions of stories shared in this difficult time gripped by COVID-19 and hard economic conditions, but also interpreting these times and policies adopted to deal with them so our readers can take decisions about their lives, businesses and relations from a more informed position.

Most importantly, although its true mainstream media doesn’t “break news” anymore, this largely apply only to ordinary news, not consequential news that normally arise from investigative reporting. That’s why a focus on this type of journalism is critical; for it uncovers what leaders from different sectors of our social structure would rather keep under wraps.

And as we have stated before, it’s through investigative reporting that corrupt practices can be exposed as well as abuse of power. Yet, as different studies have shown, this type of journalism is rarely practiced in our country.

As your servants, we call for your support to keep us in the business of informing you truthfully. You can do this in many ways─including sharing tips on what you believe should be investigated and reported, sharing ideas on our sites as well as making financial contributions to help us pay for expenses needed to keep us in operation in this difficult economic period.

With your support, we can have a more informed citizenry and accountable leadership.

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Perhaps it goes without saying — but producing quality journalism isn't cheap. At a time when newsroom resources and revenue are declining, The Chronicles remains committed to "Serving Your Right To Know The Truth". Stand with us as we document Rwanda's remarkable journey for you and the future generation. Do you value our journalism? We can't do it without you. Show us with your support by CONTRIBUTING HERE.
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