October 19, 2021

Who Would You Believe About Rwanda: The World Bank or Michela Wrong?

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British writer Michela Wrong; would you choose to believe her publication or independent international platforms?

In her latest racist diatribe, Michela Wrong, the author of ‘Do Not Disturb: The Story of a Political Murder and an African Regime Gone Bad.’ is taken aback by the fact that despite all that is said, the reputation of Rwanda’s leaders remains intact.

Actually, in her interview with Voice of America (VOA), she said: “And it doesn’t seem to matter how much of this information comes out, both Western politicians and all these philanthropic foundations that engaged with Rwanda, you know, the Gates Foundation, Bill Clinton’s foundation, the Blair Foundation, Paul Farmer, Howard Buffett, you know, it doesn’t seem to impact their relationship with Rwanda.”

We will help Michela Wrong expound on the list. Her country UK has investments here. As of 2019, UK direct trade investment in Rwanda was worth Rwf 230billion and growing. By the way this is not aid. It’s British companies making money here, to be able to fund the good healthcare system that Wrong and her family enjoy.

World Bank data about Rwanda’s progress needs no introduction. The latest World Rule of Law Index 2021 shows a country that has created environment where impunity doesn’t reign supreme like it is in many other countries.

Wrong is right to express dismay over the fact that the expected regime change her book was intended to bring as par the wishes of the book’s funders, has not materialised.

Wrong’s book is nothing more than arrogant racism. For Africa, she calls it a ‘macho continent’, to show how the women emancipation policies in Rwanda are an accident of nature.

As academic Dr. Sila Cehreli and political analyst Gatete Nyiringabo Ruhumuliza put it in a review of Wrong’s book, she arrogates the right to tell the Rwandan story, but feels no need to petition Rwandans’ side: ‘This is their story’, Wrong writes, ‘whether they like it or not’.

Wrong has made demeaning stereotypes of Africans in all her previous writings. This current publication has racist remarks on Congolese, Kenyans and many other African communities.

Wrong should wonder no more. There is no way anyone in their right sense is going to believe the lies and fabrications in her book and other agenda-driven content about Rwanda, as compared to credible assessments from independent entities and individuals.

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