February 16, 2022

SafiRun Launches Delivery App Where Users Get Rewards for Every Rwf 1,000 Spent

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Mostly known for pioneering eco-friendly delivery and logistics services in Kigali, SAFIRUN has been in Rwanda for about 4 years, working on various green-transport solutions for goods and services using electric scooters, electric bikes, and electric vans.

Safirun has been carrying out efficient deliveries for our various merchants using our short code 3040 and offering different logistics solutions to local businesses and consumers using their electric mobility fleet.

The multipurpose Smartphone app (android &ios) allows users to place service requests, real time delivery tracking, and provide instant service feedback. The services include courier services, food delivery, pharmaceuticals and essentials, groceries, wines and spirits, parcels delivery and special or urgent pick-n-drop services.

The SAFIRUN SuperApp is set to entirely redefine e-commerce for both customers and different local businesses. With access to 12 plus service category in one single app, registered users are able to enjoy limitless advantages such as rewards for every 1000 RWF spent on the app.

This super-app will not only facilitate the delivery of commodities like food, fashion and pharmaceuticals, but will provide a wide range of services ranging from ‘pick-and-drop, booking hotels or apartments, to hiring professionals like plumbers, landscapers and other artisans for both professional and private work.

With the kind of audience this marketplace brings, SAFIRUN is set to become a marketing powerhouse for all local businesses. The company predicts sales increments and new revenue streams to all its partnered merchants (MSMEs) and third-party businesses through offering affordable advertising services within the app.

The app will also avail space for selling and buying fairly-used goods, among other services.

“Unlike any other, all our partners control their presence on our platform from data analytics that helps businesses in making informed decisions to tracking all financials/revenues made within the app.

Safirun super-app is unique in the market for the various services it offers which is beyond food and drinks.  If you have an emergency at home or business and need a plumber right there, but do not know where to get one. With the ‘SAFIRUN’ Super-App, you will be able to access that and more.

The SAFIRUN Super-App is also introducing an in-app Cashless Money Transfer service called the ‘SAFIRUN E-Wallet’ where peers or colleagues can exchange virtual money within the app through their registered SAFIRUN accounts in our effort to promote cashless economy and compliment covid-19 prevention measures. The company offers reward points that translates into spendable virtual money on every transaction carried out using the SAFIRUN E-Wallet.

Furthermore, based on its pilot phase that achieved over 30,000 deliveries and more than 26,000km covered in just 2 quarters of 2021 while creating 65 jobs, SAFIRUN is eyeing fleet expansion by the end of the first quarter of 2022 with an additional 80 green jobs created by end of 2022 second quarter. Aligning its expansion goals with the foreseen demand, SAFIRUN is determined to keep raising the bar in gender inclusion and women empowerment through engagement in delivery and logistics services while also generating new employment opportunities for the teeming Rwandan youths. In addition, as an eco-friendly mobility solutions provider with 100% electric fleet, the business is committed to climate change mitigation and decarbonization as a key component of its business model. By the end of second quarter of 2022, SAFIRUN’s fleet of e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-vans would have saved over 2.62 metric tons of carbon footprints.

As the company remains committed to re-defining e-commerce and logistics services, the Rwanda public is set to enjoy a ‘Breathe of fresh air’ through the launched SAFIRUN Super-App for convenience and all-in-one daily online marketplace while local MSMEs benefit with excellent business support thereby enjoying improved expanded clientele coverage, reaching and bringing in new demographic of consumer to optimize sales leading to increase in revenues for all partner’s businesses.

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