Terms and Conditions

Welcome to The Chronicles Online news, information and advertising media outlet. Below are our conditions and terms of use of our services. The terms and conditions can be accessed on The website of The Chronicles at www.chronicles.rw, its parent company MGC Consult International Ltd (accessed at www.mgcconsult.com) and our social media platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube).

The Chronicles is, in these terms and conditions, used to mean a media outlet that provides news and information free of charge to our readers while, at the same time trains journalist at our Media Training center as well as provides advertising services to our clients at a negotiated and contractually agreed price.

Accessing and reading stories on our website is free for all our readers. This free access is based on the founding philosophy of The Chronicles, which is that all human beings, including Rwandans, have, not only an inalienable right to think, self-express freely but also access and share news and information. For these rights to be meaningful, Rwandans, and the human family broadly, need a trusted forum where they can access truthful news and information, a forum that can mediate the free exchange of ideas, views and information without undue censorship. We believe that it is through this kind of interaction that Rwandans and human beings can pursue sustainable development, peaceful co-existence as well as nurture, entrench and sustain a democratic culture and political dispensation.

This free access is also based on our belief that access to news and information is critical for the citizenry in Rwanda and elsewhere to take informed decisions about their own lives, that of their nation/s and the world broadly.

By signing up to the conditions and terms of use below, you agree to be bound by the same terms.

  1. Signing up and Registration

In order to create and sustain a media outlet where news and information is accessed free of charge, we require our readers to register and create an account and, in so doing, become a member of The Chronicles readership.

By registering and becoming a member of our readership, you agree to be, at all times, responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and protection of your passwords that you choose and all the activities that are carried out under your account. This is critical to ensure responsible use of The Chronicles services.

After registering and opening an account with The Chronicles, you agree to:

  1. Protect your password and account as personal that cannot be used or be accessed by anyone else;
  2. Ensure that nobody else, who is not registered with The Chronicles, may access or use your account;
  3. Share ideas, information and news in a respectful and truthful manner;
  4. Always use the services ethically and therefore you will not register and open an account for purposes of abusing other users or non-users nor interfering in the proper functioning of The Chronicles;
  5. Immediately inform The Chronicles administrators in case you become aware that someone else has either gained access to our website or your password and account.
  6. Terminate use of our services and close the account at any time of your choosing by notifying our administrator at info@chronicles.rw
  • Termination of registration and access 

In case we learn of, and confirm that you have not conformed to the conditions and terms herein, at our own discretion and, where appropriate without prior notice, shall terminate your account and access to our website, news and information.

Where the violation is not grave, we shall, whenever a violation is identified, write an email to you through the email you here provide at registration informing of the violation and requesting explanation of what happened and where no satisfactory answer is given, terminate access to our news and information without further contact.

  • Use of news, information and services at our website

The Chronicles content is protected by Rwanda’s copyright law and other international intellectual property laws, treaties and obligations. By signing to use the services provided by our website and accessing its content, you accept to respect these laws, rights and obligations contained therein.

First, your use of The Chronicles, except where advertisement is concerned, is for non-commercial purposes and personal use only.

Where advertisement is concerned, the conditions and terms are stated as such and separately.

All news, information and content on The Chronicles website is the exclusive property of the media outlet. You therefore accept that all patents, copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks, logos, trade names and intellectual property thereto is the exclusive property of The Chronicles and cannot be used without written authorization and agreement.

You also accept that all content─which, in these terms and conditions refer to: besides as stated above, also include images, texts, audios, videos, graphics, photos, and any other materials on the website. All these, you accept are the exclusive property of The Chronicles and cannot be used for commercial purposes without prior authorization from and, agreement with The Chronicles owners.

However, where you need to use parts or quotes from our content for non-commercial and personal use only, you may download the material in need and acknowledge attribute source and original authorship.

In case you wish to download and use content for any other purpose other than private personal use, you should contact, in writing our administrators at: info@chronicles.rw for written authorization. This also applies to media outlets that may wish to use or re-publish or air or broadcast our content.

  • Advertising and accessing advertising on The Chronicles website

The Chronicles advertises different products for third parties and each subscriber, individually will see advertising content and images on our website. Each advertiser however is solely responsible for the content of their advertisement. The Chronicles accepts no responsibility or liability nor omissions, errors or inaccuracies for advertised content; although, diligent care is taken to ensure that advertised material does not include hate content.

Any individual, company or organization can advertise with The Chronicles. To advertise, write to: info@chronicles.rw or call: (+250)788351327 or (+250)785645179

  • Contributing and Use of Content

Any registered user of our website may contribute content or articles for publication as well as videos and audio to run on our website. At the same time, any user of any of our contents can directly participate in our interactive messaging online by commenting on any published news item, information or articles. In general, The Chronicles does not pay for stories, except from bona fide freelance sources and journalists. Theeditor or his deputies must approve rare exceptions.

Our editorial principles and guidelines govern such content and we encourage you to read them before you can make any contribution. What you should bear in mind is that your contribution should be respectful, based on the facts and evidence contained in the news item or article published and logically coherent.

In case you decide to participate in commenting on our published content or sending materials for publication, we shall deem you to have accepted our editorial principles and guidelines as well as terms and conditions of use.

While you are free to contribute content for publication, The Chronicles editorial team reserves the right to determine what can and cannot be published, as well as editing to ensure readability and space considerations.

In addition, any contributor of content to The Chronicles is deemed to have unconditionally granted us exclusive right to publish, licence to transmit the content exclusively while retaining copyright.

Once you access and decide to read or view our content or information provided by other content providers on our website, you accept that you are doing so willingly and at your own risk and that all the views and ideas shared by yourself or any other member of The Chronicles, do not represent our views but those who of whoever has shared the views or ideas and that, the accuracy, completeness, truthfulness and reliability of such content is the responsibility of whoever is making the contribution.

You also accept that while The Chronicles shall always ensure the highest standards of its publications, it is not under obligation to always monitor, pre-screen, edit or review all the content and ideas shared by its readers on the website; although it reserves the right to delete, edit or refuse to publish any content that it deems defective or against its editorial principles and guidelines.

You accept that it is your responsibility that the content you contribute is not malicious, fraudulent, pornographic, offensive, obscene, defamatory, invading privacy, violent, harassing anyone or threatening, nor promoting hate or genocide ideology.

You also commit that the content you contribute is original, does not infringe any copyright law or patent, trademark, trade secrets or intellectual property right.

The Chronicles shall not be held responsible or liable for damage caused on any equipment or other applications of any kind, nor be liable for interference arising therefrom. You may however download any of our Apps but how you use them is solely your responsibility and The Chronicles is not liable for any damage that may arise from their use.

  • Data Protection

You accept that in order to know our readers and serve them according to their interests and preference, we collect data on our readers and we ensure that utmost protection of your privacy and data as stipulated in our privacy protection policy.

  • Changes to Conditions and terms of use

In order to adopt to the ever-changing technology and offer the best services  to our readers and client, terms and conditions may, from time to time be reviewed and updated. Whenever there is any change to these terms, it is made known and available to our readers and clients. Such changes are done at the discretion of The Chronicles management team and applicable immediately they are posted on the website. It is your responsibility to always review and understand these terms and conditions.

  • Support to The Chronicles Content production

As a free news and information access media outlet, The Chronicles survives on support in the form of voluntary contributions from its readers, members and well-wishers, as well as advertisers. As such, you may make a monthly or yearly or regular contribution of any amount of money you wish to make to sustain free access to quality news and information. You can make this contribution through direct bank transfers, mobile money or credit card payment to our account. Your contributions and information are protected by our privacy policy.

  • Indemnification

All individuals who sign up, register and use The Chronicles services agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless The Chronicles, its parent company, executives, editors and employees from any liability, costs, expenses, claims and accusations that may arise from use of its content or services unless where expressly stated in legally binding contracts such as may arise from offering advertising services.

  1. Limitation of liability

You agree, that, to the extent permitted and applicable by law, you are responsible for any damage, or loss that you may incur as a result of accessing and using The Chronicles website. You accept that, under no condition can you hold The Chronicles, its owners and founders, directors, editors or employees liable for any infringement, damage or loss you or your equipment or computers may incur as a result of using The Chronicles services and content access.

2. No waivers

In case any of the terms or conditions herein contained aren’t enforced on our part, that cannot be construed as licence or waiver of any right on our part or claim by you. The Chronicles reserves the right to enforce the provisions of the terms herein contained whenever it judges fit.

3. Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are governed by Rwanda and under Rwandan law, as well as international treaties on copyright and intellectual property laws, and all individuals who sign up to these conditions accept to submit to the jurisdiction of Rwandan courts and any other jurisdiction where international copyright and intellectual property laws apply.

4. Disclaimer of liability

Unless expressly stated in terms and conditions or as permitted by law, The Chronicles will accept no responsibility for any loss incurred as a result of accessing our website, reading our content, listening to, viewing or using any of our services.

Although we will always ensure the utmost protection of our website, all individuals who use our website must take personal precautions, individually, to guard against content that might be infected by viruses or any other external harmful agent. This is because, due to the fluidity of developments in technology, The Chronicles cannot guarantee that its content will always be free of viruses nor shall we accept any responsibility for any damage caused or infections from any harmful agent. This means we will not accept responsibility nor liability for any damage caused or interruptions cased in the process of use or access to our website or content regardless of where you access our site and content from in the world.


30-Day Refund Policy

We want you to be satisfied with the kind of content we provide via the different specialized news and analysis packages we offer through our website, and we hope you give your utmost consideration for The Chronicles.

We do offer a 30-day refund period for any and all reasons you did not find our content up to standard. We will NOT provide refunds more than 30 days following the date of payment for the subscription. 

If you have any questions or problems, please let us know by contacting our editorial support directly. The support desk can be reached at info@chronicles.rw